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Copenhagen may be known for its vibrant and eclectic music scene, but it is also home to a vibrant, eclectic music scene. I have already hosted a number of events in Copenhagen, such as the Copenhagen Music Festival, the Danish Music Awards and Denmark Music Week.

As far as music is concerned, Huset specialises in emerging artists, but I can tell you which genre of music I would like to hear from musicians at each of these events.

I can tell you that we have many last minute musicians available and we will help you find the best local musicians that are suitable for you. The local musician, who is available, will be happy to discuss how he can provide good performances for your event. If you have a room, please contact us or you can contact Huset directly for more information about our events.

It also depends on how long the musician should play his music set and whether there are additional requirements. We can discuss and agree on whether we want a musician to perform for the duration of the event or to disband it.

If we want a musician to perform for three hours, he can play for the duration of the event. There is also the possibility that he will not appear when we ask him to, but he must appear when we ask him to.

A musician who played for 2 hours played 45 minutes, took a 15-minute break and then played the whole last hour.

DJ services can last up to 90 minutes or more, and a band or musician you hire can tell you in more detail how long they need to behave and how much time they need.

Each has its own story and taste, reminiscent of the genre you choose, whether rock, jazz, hip-hop or classical. The combination of historical significance and architectural heritage makes this house a young cultural centre that is committed to preservation. Visitors are not allowed to touch historical instruments, but a variety of modern instruments are available for playing in soundproof rooms. Many are disguised instruments and you can even play with them yourself, so skill is not a requirement.

The ACE Music Booking Agency finds the best musicians in Copenhagen and Kobenhavn that you can rent if it suits your budget. If the musician cannot provide a replacement, ACE will be happy to help you hire a musician of similar quality. You can also visit the ACE website to find out more about its services in other parts of Denmark.

Kobenhavn and ACE will do all the work for free, but in the end we pack the equipment and accept payment for the time you agree. Once the music starts, the musician you hire for your event will play for an agreed time and take small breaks as needed. We provide local musicians for hire and add information about the event you are planning in Copenhagen.

Family tickets are a typical Danish institution that offers visitors who bring children to the museum a ticket for visitors with children under 12 years of age or a family ticket for all visitors, which is cheaper than an adult ticket alone. The annual ticket costs 175 DKKK and is valid for the holder and one guest, saving you a second date. You can also attend a football match at Charlie Scott's as there is a regular schedule of screenings.

If you want to listen to music in a hygienic environment, the Huset KBH is the ideal place for you. The garden also hosts other music events that offer a great outdoor experience. If you are looking for an energetic and collaborative experience, visit the Danish Museum of Modern Art, the Royal Danish Academy of Art or the Royal Botanical Garden in Copenhagen. Live music is played in the Botanical Garden of Copenhagen, Denmark's oldest and most famous garden.

They are raw and unfiltered and have the option of pre-ordering tickets for the larger concerts taking place in the city. A great place to see what's on the table with beer is the Copenhagen Beer Festival, which you should find on any evening itinerary without alcohol.

Below we have seen a number of frequently asked questions about booking live music artists in Copenhagen. Simply make a booking request for the desired music, receive a price quote and issue a BACS transfer. What do you do when you book a musician from Kobenhavn to Copenhagen? In the week before the concert there are many events, as well as the day of the concert itself.

Although there are few reviews, the museum generally receives very positive reviews on Tripadvisor, even from non-specialized families.

The exhibition of music and musical instruments in Denmark began with prehistoric attractions, followed by instruments used by city dwellers and folk musicians. Danish section of the museum, an introduction with information about the history of the instruments and their use in Danish music. The museum also features numerous instruments from Norway and Denmark, as well as works by Danish composers and musicians who are more well known. Other examples of Lurs are on display in other museums in Denmark and can be seen at the National Music Museum in Copenhagen and the Danish Music Museum in Aarhus.

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