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The Copenhagen Marriott Hotel captures the charm of a fairytale city through the windows of the picturesque harbour of the Danish capital and is ready to help you create lasting memories here in our beautiful capital. The stylishly decorated rooms and suites at Copenhagen Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen offer you the best of both worlds: luxury and comfort in your own home.

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The price of the hotel has actually increased from when I originally booked it, so I hope that you can use your hotel points (if you paid in cash) to keep prices as low as possible, which is no mean feat in Copenhagen. I wanted to wait until I was undecided whether using points would be a good deal for me, but I am glad I did, as SPG is fully under the Marriott umbrella. Although this is a hotel I would consider expensive, I felt I had to book in order to get the best deal possible.

Gold status, I received an email prior to my arrival informing me that the hotel had offered a complimentary upgrade to the Executive King Room overlooking the canal. I asked the staff if I would bring some hot food earlier and they were kind enough to do so, but I had to behave to catch the train at 6.52am. When using hotel points such as the Marriott Rewards points program, book and pay cash before you book your stay points.

I arrived at Copenhagen Central Station at around 2pm and went straight to the Copenhagen Marriott, where I wanted to stay for $1 a night. The hotel does not have much of a Danish flavour, apart from the great views, but in keeping with Marriott's international standards, the floor-to-ceiling windows offer beautiful views of the city.

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More About Copenhagen