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New Year's Eve in Copenhagen is full of special places to look out for when the clock strikes midnight. The night sky over Copenhagen will be transformed into a world-class firework display on the night of 1 January.

The Cultural Night is held every year on October 12 and this year more than 1,000 artists, musicians and cultural institutions from all over the world take part in this unique festival. Copenhagen's biggest carnival parade takes place on Saturday, but the following day you can see music performances in Faelledparken. There is also the Copenhagen Children's Carnival, where children give adults a run for their money by marching with their mums and dads in the parade. It is also the first of its kind in Europe and one of the most popular events in Copenhagen.

The Copenhagen Carnival has also become one of the largest world music festivals, offering everything a carnival needs, including dance groups and musicians. There are also over 120 music groups, orchestras and musicians per year, and you can find a wide range of music, from jazz, classical, folk, rock, blues, hip-hop and even knitting, to name a few.

Danish artists to meet, visit famous sights in Jutland and Zeeland, watch films and have a history lesson. Danish resistance, take yourself back in time and watch the film or take yourself back in time to the time of the Danish resistance during the Second World War.

Hopefully you have seen something you liked, but don't worry if you're not going to Copenhagen, there are several websites where you can find equally exciting events. If not, you know now where to look for even more upcoming events in Copenhagen.

From 26 to 30 September, 17 venues in Copenhagen will be the stage for local and international blues performances. You can add some fun activities to your itinerary, especially a stay in the capital Copenhagen.

Copenhagen has a busy festival calendar throughout the year, including the Copenhagen International Music Festival, the Danish Music and Arts Festival and the International Music Festival. The festival was founded in 1979 and attracts a wide international audience. Opera fans should make sure to make a date for this annual music festival, which takes place throughout the city of Aalborg. Tivoli Gardens presents a series of concerts, making it one of the most popular events on the Copenhagen music scene.

The Copenhagen Conference, at its leading forum, offers a wide range of discussion forums, presenting and discussing the latest developments in the fields of climate change, energy and the environment in Denmark and worldwide, as well as a wide range of other topics.

Copenhagen Fashion Week is held in Copenhagen every year and consists of shows by established and emerging designers from around the world, as well as new and established designers. Fashion includes both women's and men's (and children's) fashion, and there are around 500 events, exhibitions and performances during the week.

Danish and international acts are playing in a number of venues and clubs in the city, and a series of concerts are planned on hastily constructed stages in the centre of Copenhagen. Danish riders can approach the stage while driving to a concert in Aarhus, but there are no plans for this series and no stage is being built in a hurry.

Copenhagen, the Danish capital, embodies these qualities and organises events that enrich and entertain people from all walks of life. Denmark also has a well-connected bus and train network, and you can take out a Copenhagen map to access many sights and transport. You can save money by travelling to one of Denmark's largest cities, such as Aarhus or Copenhagen, or you can get close and travel by bus or train. The city of Copenhagen offers a wide range of hotels, restaurants, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants to explore the city.

Jazz music expanded in terms of genre and audience from the 1970s to 1978, and the Copenhagen Jazz Festival was launched by lawyer and project manager Poul Bjornholt when he realised how the event could contribute to the development of jazz music in Denmark and the city as a whole. The first Carnival in Copenhagen was organized in 1982 by the association Carnival of May and attracted 500 dancers and 60,000 spectators. It was a city park where costumed carnival groups danced and gathered in the cities.

Vin Videnskab, Wine and Science, was founded in 2010 by the Danish Museum of Natural History, where scientific lectures by some of the world's most prominent researchers are combined with a glass of wine. In 2017, the Physics Film Festival was established in a local cafe in Odense, Denmark. The Danish Science Festival participated in the first - ever - international science film festival in Copenhagen in 2018, along with many others. Although this city does not hold a major annual event, this unique event aims to show Copenhagen a different face at night.

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