Copenhagen, Denmark

                                   HELLO COPENHAGEN

Copenhagen is on the East coast of Denmark and is the capital of Denmark. With cutting edge Restaurants, cobblestone streets and Picturous canals; Copenhagen is a perfect combination of Fairy tales magic and modern day life.

Things to do in Copenhagen-

  • Rosenborg Castle- A Dutch palace with Museum
  • The little mermaid- A mermaid sculpture made of Bronze by Edward Erikson
  • Kastellet- It is a 17th century Castle with Museum
  • Rundetaarn- It is a 17TH Century observatory and Planetarium .The specialty of this tower is that it does not have stairs, just spiral ramp to climb up.
  • Stroget- It is the famous shopping street 
  • City hall square- It is a large square outside city hall
  • Dragon Fountain- A fountain in the city hall square
  • Christiansborg Palace- Her you will find the remains of 12th century castle
  • Kongens Nytorv- It is another square with a statue of Christian V
  • Nyhavn- The entertainment district of Copen Hagen
  • Church of our savior- 17th century church with Baroque architecture

What to eat??

Some of the must try in Copen Hagen are-

  • Rod Polse- It is a sausage served in a bun with ketchup and Mustard sauce.
  • Smorrebrod- A traditional dish of Copenhagen, it is an open sandwich with meat, vegetables’ and sauce.
  • Falafel- It is a traditional Egyptian dish
  • Durum Shawarma- Made of chicken, beef or lamb
  • Frikadellar- Meatballs fried in butter
  • Marinated or pickled Herring

Where to stay??

In Copenhagen you can also go for rental places if you are booking in advance. Otherwise some of the best Hotels are-

  • Steel House Copenhagen
  • Scandic Copenhagen
  • Urban House Copenhagen by Meininger
  • DGI – byen
  • Annex Copenhagen
  • Absalon hotel

Hostels are also available, if you do not want to spend too much. Some of the hostels are-

  • Copenhagen Downtown hostel
  • Generator Hostel
  • Danhostel Copenhagen city

Copenhagen is one of the world’s happiest cities, so slow down, relax and enjoy the moments this city has to offer!!