Copenhagen, Denmark

Welcome to Copenhagen

It is the capital and most popular city of Denmark. Due to low pressure systems the weather conditions remain unstable throughout the year. You can visit Copenhagen from March to May or between June and August.

Where to visit: 

  • Tivoli: It’s a museum park that wins the heart of visiting with its amazing rides and by Saturday fireworks display. They arrange performance by symphony orchestras as well as popular musicians in their concert hall.
  • Staten museum for Kunst: There is fantastic collection of work by Dutch and Flemish also have extensive collection of drawing engraving and lithographs. They also presence one work of great international artist like Matisse and Picasso.
  • Muhabbat: It’s a canal which was built to connect Kongen Nythrv canal with harbor. It is quite relaxing place with brightly colored houses and roofs.
  • Kronbog castle: it's a Danish castle probably the fastest due to Shakespeare’s drama hamlet. Castle has beautifully designed rooms. It is an announced world heritage by UNESCO.
  • Stronger shopping mile: It’s a street where you can do shopping and have fun and food if you get hungry. There are several road criss crossing each other.
  • Bakken: It is the world’s oldest an amusement park. There are more the roller coaster and 30 different rides for kids. 
  • The David collection: It’s a beautiful art museum. They have Beautiful collection of Islamic, European and Danish art.

Where to stay

  • Hotel King Arthur: located between the beautiful inner lakes of Copenhagen and down to how. It will take only 15min metro to reach here. it has exclusive and modern interior.
  • Absalom hotel: the hotel is located near central station.  You can easily explore the city as many monuments that you want to visit. Ambient is good and peaceful
  • Copenhagen island: it is located on water front Offering eye catching view, staff is well trained and courteous. They provided bicycles on rent to explore the city by yourself.
  • Hotel christian: it is typical but excellent European hotel. Rates are cheap and affordable, A.C and fans are provided only when you ask.